Sitka Gear: First Impressions

As a young and ignorant whitetail hunter, I often disregarded the need for quality hunting clothing and bought whatever was on sale at the time. After finally upgrading to some full season gear from a well-known company, I had thought that I finally had this clothing thing figured out. Then, I wore these clothes throughout the entire season and found out quickly that I was wrong. Although the pants and jacket looked great and fit well, they were missing something. I couldn’t figure it out until I finally saw Sitka Gear at my local bow shop.

At first, I wasn’t very impressed, as I was not a huge fan of digital camo. I had been a Realtree die-hard for many years, and was hesitant to change, as most people are. The price tag also was not appealing to a current college student. But, after further researching the product, I discovered what all of the hype was about.

The Research

The first part of the gear that I researched was the camouflage pattern. For their whitetail system, they use Gore Optifade Elevated II . The camo was designed for concealing hunters while in a treestand, and I was quite impressed with the amount of engineering that went into designing this pattern. The large contrast and various structures were created to break up your outline against both the trees and the sky, which many mimicry patterns fail to do. I really believe in the Elevated II pattern, and plan to use the Gore Optifade Subalpine pattern when going on my western hunts in the future.

Then, I looked into what set Sitka apart from other brands. Without going into too much detail, I can tell you that the materials they use are superior to the materials that the majority of companies use in their hunting clothes. Their use of GORE-TEX®, WINDSTOPPER® and PrimaLoft® make their clothing lightweight, breathable, and extremely warm.

Most importantly, Sitka Gear invests in the organizations that work to preserve the future of hunting and conservation in North America.

The future of hunting is more than just the future of our company. It’s the future of wildlife, wild places, public lands and precariously balanced ecosystems. We believe in doing everything in our power to protect this future, and we invest heavily in conservation organizations across the country. – Sitka Gear on Stewardship

After all this research, I was convinced. I drove back to the bow shop to try on some gear and see if I was ready to drop some cash and make the switch.

First Sitka Gear

The next day I found myself in my car driving back to the bow shop, ready to try on some clothes and possibly take my hunting gear game to the next level. The workers at the bow shop all used Sitka Gear, and they all said the best place to start is with the Fanatic Hoody. After trying it on, I instantly understood and agreed with all of the hype. The comfort, warmth to weight ratio, and the overall functionality seemed to be unmatched by any other hunting clothing brand. Needless to say, I left the shop with that hoody, and also picked up a pair of Fanatic Gloves. The gloves have cutouts on the thumb and forefinger of both hands, but still boast a warm yet lightweight construction. At this point, I was stoked to get out and test my new gear in the field.

The Field Test

After a few busy days, I finally got some time to get out and check trail cameras on my main hunting property. It was only 12 degrees that day as the high, and the wind was consistently blowing around 10 mph. For that trip, I just wore my heavy base layers with my Fanatic Hoody and Fanatic Gloves to see how it handled itself in the weather. Overall, the hoody and gloves kept me comfortable and warm throughout the entire walk. I walked around 3 miles, and did not sweat in my gear at all. Also, when I stopped to check cameras and do a little scouting, the cold did not penetrate and the face mask and hood built into the hoody kept wind from going down my neck and back. Overall, this gear seems as if it will be an effective system for early and mid-season treestand sits in the whitetail woods.


Without a doubt, I will continue to use Sitka Gear well into the future. Over time, I will  acquire more gear and build my system so that I am ready for any situation that nature throws at me. If you want to see it for yourself, check out Sitka Gear and be ready to elevate your gear.



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